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Indian Packers and Movers in Andheri West is one among the leading packers and movers company providing safe and quality relocation solutions for any sort of goods. We at Indian Packers and Movers in Andheri West assured you a totally safe and fastest relocation service.Our dedicated team of committed and professionals workers provide our valuable customers with great quality packing and moving service. we offer the simplest loading-unloading, packing -unpacking, re-installing furniture and goods for supplying you with the simplest packers and over experience.This is what makes us one among the leading packers and movers company for patrons . We are trusted among customers since our incorporation in 1995 and therefore the trust in us keep rising with each passing day.

We are knowledgeable group of specialist with information and knowledge alongside focused on price and rates, which empower us to offer our customers the superb packing and moving services. With the assistance of our specialist and prepared laborers we transfer the important products of our customer in protected and sound way. Our expert team does each and every packing, stacking and loading and although reworking of products after achieve at the last end by giving 100% completion to our customers. Packing-material are often obtained over websites on the online . If you've a couple of of curtains hanging around, they're best utilized in packing of sensitive items like dining-tables, dressing-tables and even center-tables. a couple of of bed-sheets is additionally going to be of use here.

Indian Packers and Movers Andheri West - Mumbai promises their customer safe moving to his valuable goods and belonging with no damage to whatsoever, to own maximum safety and security we facilitate our client to Movers and Packers in Andheri West - Mumbai to all his valuable goods and belonging. We make your Packers Movers services secure and reliable, well if you need any moving services in or from Andheri West - Mumbai, please provide us a chance to serve you. We at Movers and Packers in Andheri West will make sure that your moving service is best and unforgettable. We understand your emotion and care with your vehicle. Any harm to it can be a very painful thing for you. That’s why we at Indian Packers and Movers provide the best safe shifting for your vehicle. Get your vehicle shifted from any major city to any part of India with Indian Packers and Movers, the most trusted Vehicle Packers And Movers Service present in India. We are here to solve all your problems and give solution related to vehicle shifting in India. We are pioneer in providing safe vehicle packers movers service in India with our unique and safe box safety types of equipment.

Some foam are often used for packing sensitive and fragile items like television-sets. Some rolls of adhesive-tapes are becoming to be of use too, slightly sort of a little bit of rope goes to be of use while packing your belongings.Operating on the principles of safety, integrity and reliability, we've become one among the trusted name for providing all kind of packaging services, domestic relocation services, car transportation services to clients. Making best use of state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated workforce, we've managed to realize a reputed client base within the industry. Use of best materials thermocol, paper tubes, hessian cloth, gunny bags and other quality packaging material ensure scratch free delivery of products.

We are experts in providing Domestic Relocation Services in andheri west, local shifting services, home relocation services in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR & also in other parts of India, which are designed to satisfy all the expectations of our valuable clients. Before proceeding to any work, we analyze the need of our clients, ask them to supply safe and secure relocation services. 100% punctuality and cozy relocation is additionally considered altogether our moves. Our company domestic relocation shifting comprises of household goods relocation, car transportation etc. aside from this, the machines, computers, all the files and documents also because the personal belongings of our clients are delivered at desired locations with full care. Indian Packers and Movers in Andheri West has large warehousing and storage facility with appropriately laid out flooring plan with fire prevention building & provide with high levels of safety with sufficient parking services for each sorts of automobiles also as container trucks. Our Warehouse Storage services are managed and controlled under effectual warehouse protection plan and program related with concentrated effort of the building, pest control measures, fire safeguard actions and other desired security measures.

The team of executives who are likely to travel to the venue to be shifted are likely to possess all this with them, you'll also help by getting variety of it for yourself. Shops are often approached for the aim . they're also available in some malls.It is best to travel away all the packing work to professionals. they're those that are becoming to form a judicious use of all packing for the aim of packing of your belongings. It's going to be an incumbent to urge an honest packing-material to be able to pack your belongings well for shifting. Indian Packers and Movers in andheri west has become one of the foremost trusted names in providing the secured and reliable Warehousing Services. The warehousing storage facility includes multiple loading docks, given ample amount of space for putting of materials at the time of receiving and shipping. we all know the importance of the safety of freights while forwarding them to a special destination. We realize that any damage to freights can cause an enormous loss to our customer.

Indian Packers and Movers in andheri west is one of the foremost reliable car transportation services in India that not only ships your car conveniently and timely to the required location, but is additionally believed your experience by relieving you from worries related to the safe transportation of your car. A car is not just a car to you, its a vehicle to which your innumerable memories are attached, a vehicle that has always come to your aid whenever you wanted to maneuver to different places. Indian Packers and Movers offer well organized and Loading and Unloading services preventing goods from any quite scratches and breakage during the tactic of Loading and Unloading. We confirm you safety and prompt delivery of your valuables stuff. So avail loading and unloading services by registered packers and movers and acquire yourself assured that every one valuable goods will reach their respective destination with no damage within the least.

Indian Packers and Movers in andheri west are top-class logistics service providers. All the relocation services are accomplished by our skilled team who has the experience in packing and moving, proficiency, and practice. Indian Packers and Movers in andheri west is leading in this industry and has set the benchmark in providing customer-centric services. Indian Packers and Movers in andheri west have many years of experience in moving homes and office goods and provide excellent end-to-end services.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you move anywhere in Mumbai safely, quickly and cheaply. Give us a call on 09321213500, obtain a quote using our quick and easy online system, or contact us online and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

10 Important about your Relocation FAQs

When should I start looking for packers movers Providers?

It depends upon the type of shifting, for local shifting within the same city ideally you should start looking 4-8 days ago. Where as for shifting outside city ideally start looking 7-14 days ago. If your moving date is month end, or weekend you should begin your search little earlier. just Search Packers and movers in andheri west

How to select best packers and movers Services Provider ?

Share your shifting requirements with us and we will refer you 3 best match verified and trusted moving companies near to your locality. Talk to them, know charges estimation, compare their profile, ratings, and reviews and finalize the best option for you. Happy Shifting! "Don't look all the time on lower cost"

How can I save on shifting cost?

One of the primary factors that affect your relocation expenses is the quantity of goods you are moving. If you reduce the number of items by decluttering, your relocation charges can be reduced. You should also make sure that you plan the move well in advance and schedule the move on the right day.

It’s best to take quotations from at least 3 movers so that you can easily compare the estimated charges and company profiles, and hire the most relevant moving company.

What are the Indian Packers will take care off?

Our relocation experts will take care of all the process from beginning to end (Dis-assembly, packing, loading, transportation, un-loading, un-packing, assembly, and final placement). Generally, for domestic relocation outside city un-packing, assembly, and final placements are not included, and if you require those have demand.

How much time it will take to complete the move?

Local Shifting from one locality to another can be completed within a single day depending on the number of items and the floor of the house it could take from 3-10 hours. For shifting outside city it depends upon the distance and from origin city to destination route transport availability, normally it takes from 3-8 days.

What is pre-shifitng survey, and how much time it's take?

In pre-shifting survey indian packers and movers do a proper analysis of your relocation requirements like quantity of goods, type of goods, pickup and delivery demands. Survey inspector comes at your place and it takes around 10-20 minutes, whereas for shifting few items it can also be done over the phone call.

What items I should not shift with packers and movers?

The packers and movers will not shift certain items which may cause damage to the other household items or to the transport vehicle. The relocation service providers will not move these goods:

  • Valuable items like laptops, jewellery, important documents, etc.;
  • Essential items like toiletries, medications, extra pair of clothes, cleaning supplies, etc.;
  • Perishable food items which may get spoilt and ruin the other goods too;
  • Hazardous liquids like fuel, motor oil, kerosene or other flammable liquids, paints, paint diluter, batteries, etc.;
  • Explosive and corrosive items, etc.;

How to identify unprofessional or fake moving companies?

  • Fake moving companies will not have valid documents for GST registration, owner identification proofs, and so on.
  • They will not have a proper company website or online profiles in social media.
  • They will not have their own office workspace or may not have an office at all, and they may use rented transportation.
  • Fake packers and movers will not have professional behavior when you meet them, or they may be friendly in the beginning and change entirely during the relocation.

How much should I tip shifting labors?

In one word Yes, in India labor wages are very low and as a human being we should understand this. If they have done satisfactory job, you should appreciate that with your tip, consider tipping Rs.100/Labor.

Note: In local shifting same labours will be picking up and delivering your goods, whereas in outside-city relocation there will be different labours at origin and destination and you should tip them accordingly.

Approx. Rate of Packers and Movers Charges for Local Shifting (Distance Based)

Rates ApproxFew items (Rs.)1 BHK (Rs.)2 BHK (Rs.)3 BHK (Rs.)4 BHK (Rs.)5 BHK (Rs.)Villa (Rs.)
Local Shifting Mumbai to Mumbai 8k to 12k 12k to 15k 15k to 25k 25k to 35k35k to 45k 45k to 55k65k to 85k
Local Shifting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai10k to 13k13k to 16k 16k to 26k26k to 36k36k to 46k46k to 56k56k to 85k
Local Shifting Mumbai to Thane 12k to 15k13k to 17k17k to 27k27k to 37k37k to 47k47k to 57k 57k to 87k
Local Shifting Mumbai to Virar 12k to 15k13k to 17k17k to 27k27k to 37k37k to 47k 47k to 57k57k to 87k
Local Shifting Navi Mumbai to Thane 10k to 12k15k to 20k20k to 30k30k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k 55k to 85k
Local Shifting Navi Mumbai to Mumbai 12k to 15k15k to 25k25k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 85k
Local Shifting Navi Mumbai to Navi Mumbai 10k to 13k13k to 15k15k to 25k25k to 30k35k to 45k 45k to 55k 55k to 65k
Local Shifting Navi Mumbai to Virar 14k to 17k 18k to 27k28k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 85k
Local Shifting Thane to Mumbai 10k to 15k15k to 25k25k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 85k
Local Shifting Thane to Navi Mumbai 12k to 15k15k to 25k25k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 85k
Local Shifting Thane to Virar 15k to 18k18k to 25k25k to 35k35k to 45k45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 85k

Approx. Rate of Packers and Movers Charges (Distance Based)

Shifting Type50 to 150 Km (Rs.) 150 to 400 Km (Rs.)400 to 800 Km (Rs.)800 to 1200 Km (Rs.)1200 to 1700 Km (Rs.)1700 to 2500 Km (Rs.) 2500 to 3500 Km (Rs.)
1 BHK house shifting charges 15k to 25k 20k to 28k28k to 38k 35k to 48k 45k to 58k 55k to 85k 85k to 150k
2 BHK house shifting cost 25k to 35k 28k to 38k35k to 45k 45k to 55k55k to 75k 75k to 95k 95k to 150k
3 BHK house relocation cost 35k to 45k 45k to 55k55k to 65k65k to 75k75k to 85k 85k to 120k 120k to 165k
4 BHK house shifting cost 45k to 55k 55k to 65k65k to 75k 75k to 85k85k to 95k 95k to 130k 130k to 175k
5 BHK house shifting charges 55k to 65k 65k to 75k75k to 85k 85k to 95k95k to 105k 105k to 120k 130k to 180k
Car Transport cost 8k to 15k 15k to 20k20k to 25k 25k to 35k35k to 45k 45k to 55k 55k to 65k
Few Office items shifting cost 15k to 25k 20k to 28k 28k to 38k 35k to 48k45k to 58k 55k to 85k 85k to 150k

Approx. Rate of Packers and Movers Charges for Local Shifting (Distance Based)

Type of MoveUp to 10 km (Rs.) 11 - 30 km (Rs.)31 - 50 km (Rs.)50km to 150 km (Rs.)
1 RK7k to 12k9k to 15k 11k to 20k 20k to 25k
1 BHK 10k to 15k12k to 16k 15k to 25k 25k to 35k
2 BHK 12k to 18k 15k to 20k 16k to 28k 35k to 45k
3 BHK 15k to 25k 25k to 35k 20k to 45k 45k to 55k
4 BHK / Villa 25k to 45k 30k to 48k 35k to 55k 55k to 65k
Office shifting35k to 45k 45k to 55k 55k to 75k 75k to 95k

Approx. Rate of Warehouse Charges

Few Item Per Month (Rs.) 6k to 10k
1 Bhk Per Month (Rs.) 10k to 15k
2 Bhk Per Month (Rs.) 15k to 30k
3 Bhk Per Month (Rs.) 30k to 45k
4 Bhk Per Month (Rs.) 45k to 65k
5 Bhk Per Month (Rs.) 65k to 75k
Villa Per Month (Rs.) 75k to 95k