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2. How To Choose Best and Reliable Packers and Movers in Mumbai?

The best and fastest way to select us is to directly reach our website to contact us and have a chat with us 24 * 7, clear your doubts get shifting quotations, take your time to fix any movers, compare it, read the reviews and rating then finalize any moving company. Now eventually there’s no requirement to do because the movers with us are all ISO certified, renowned and top rated but still for your satisfaction you must do the total process to check them. Hire the professional and reliable packers and movers in Mumbai with us, get the completely list of top, professional and reliable movers from Mumbai and reach them in very quick and easy way.

3. How To Protect Delicate Items During Shifting in Mumbai?

Protecting delicate items during shifting is important as we say all the time, for this you requirement a proper range of best quality materials including - sticky tapes, markers, cuter, bubble wraps, packing paper, bunch of newspaper and etc. get your stuff be cleaned from all sides, make it completely embraced with newspaper layer. Fix it with sticky tapes put the item inside the cardboard box. If any space is still remaining, make it cover with either bubble wraps or crumbled newspaper. Also cover your stuffs lastly with bubble wraps if it’s sensitive and costly and for rough tough goods this is not requisite. Last but not least fill the empty space in the box, pack the box and it from all sides. Finally mark the box with marker mentioning the hint or name of room the box consists of.

4. What Are The Advantages of Packers and Movers Mumbai?

Advantages of hiring and relocation with Top packers and movers in Mumbai is you get best, professional and top rated authentic movers with very affordable charges. The complete range of packing and shifting services is served here so roaming for various services to different doors ends here. Apart from this relocation with us you get lots of advantages of best quality of materials, best equipments to lift your valuable possessions and qualified and trained team to deal with your expensive goods and wrap them safely and fastly. Saving time and saving money as well.

It’s been more than a decade since our company has been helping customers to shift there household goods. We cover various types of shifting services such as home shifting, moving furniture, office equipment and goods and pet moving facility.

Our company understands the fears and doubts a client may incur throughout a shifting process therefore we deliver services accordingly. we believe providing our customers surety of their goods and belongings by giving them professional help. Indian Packers and Movers takes complete accountability in providing for a shifting services, as a company, we aim to provide impeccable packers and movers charges and services that help you save time and money in the entire moving process.

Charges of Hiring Movers and Packers in Mumbai and Home Shifting Rates

Home shifting, office shifting and all kind of shifting are such an advanced task because there are some of major task concerned in it. After all there's such a valuable household goods concerned in it. I am damn sure you would be concerned about hiring a movers and packers in Mumbai at affordable rate and would be curious to know about home moving charges and rate involving in hiring packers and movers in Mumbai for your shifting needs.

As you know there are lots of misconception and confusions about house moving charges, rates, process and procedure and overall costs of hiring packers and movers in Mumbai and all over India.

Yesterday one of my colleague meet me for a long time and was asking me regarding the charges of movers and packers and looking out for a reliable and genuine local service provider in Mumbai who could help her with local home shifting need. I suggested her some local service providers I have known since years and that i also explained her that how they're going to charge you and how they calculate the fees for moving. I also recommend here why she should be more involved about safety of goods and less concerned about rates.

So friends, today I am going to explain about everything related to home shifting by movers and packers in Mumbai. So what are the charges that you have to pay to packers and movers in Mumbai when you hire them for your local home and office shifting needs.

Overall charges for house and office shifting services will include various charges such as:

Charges and cost of packing materials

Safety of your goods while transit is very importance, is not it? i'm sure you'd not like to compromise with safety of your valuable household merchandise. so how hiring a movers and packers can makes a giant difference? The properly packing with good material with good layers is such a important thing so it will not get broken easily while transit.

Now there are completely different – different type of packing material and there's a standard of packing. thus next time when you deal with a packers and movers, check that what they're going to use for the safety of your goods, like foam, cardboard, wood crate etc. It's obvious better quality material can cost more then low-cost quality cartoons and packing materials.

Labor charges for packing

This is simple labor charges and it more depends on volume of goods and types of packing the packers and movers in Mumbai is doing. For example, in order to pack cupboard, they'll easy wrap foam, followed by bubble wrap and then using skinny plastic to make it water-poof, using cardboard sheet, and at the end multi-layer packing.

Multi layer packing can make sure the safety of good, therefore it might be expensive than a single layer packing. And same price for different household appliances and different household materials, if you're using a similar packing material.

Loading, unloading and handling charges

After packing there are a lot of tasks concerned like protection, labeling, loading, unloading etc. Handling charges could vary from company to company and also from city to city and during a city where labor charge are very little less then cost will go down and if it is costly than charges will go up.

Transit insurance charge

Transit insurance mostly used for long distance moving that will be home shifting, office shifting, industrial shifting. but as per my personal view of expertise one should take insurance even for local shifting purposes. It's obvious insurance charges also rely on price of good and also on the insurance firm. sometimes it's national insurance Company in india who provide such service. Your packers and movers in Mumbai will get it done for you, but make sure that the cost is included in their estimate to avoid any future dispute.

Transportation charge

It's obviously depends on the distance between and size of vehicle, the cost will vary. Usually small trucks are using in local shifting service by packers and mover and for long distance your merchandise are shipped using cargo trucks. It's very important what i'm going to say, sometime when movers and packers haven't done the survey they later discover that 2 rounds should be done and in this situation suddenly transportation price can increase. thus it's better to get the survey before final day of moving so the transportation price won't increasing in between.

Applicable taxes

It's all over, apart from that, you'll pay some extra charges like ST etc.

So have movers and packers calculate home shifting charges?

So well, now you know the charges head, now its time to get some idea about overall charges when you are moving involving service pf movers and packers in Mumbai. Let's see what will be the overall cost if you would take services of packers and movers in Mumbai.

Now, there are different type of companies, some of them have national presence and have pioneered the shifting industry in India and also all over the world like Indian Packers and Movers. And there are other shifting industries who do not have a lot of infrastructure.

Another important aspect to understand about the charges that it would vary again depending again on volume of goods, packing material and transportation charges that's depending on distance and so on.

For Example:

In general a 2 BHK house for local shifting would cost anywhere between INR 4000 – 12000 and for long distance moving, there is no point in giving a random figure. It would be better to discuss with exact requirement to suitable packers and movers of Mumbai.


I hope this post helped you how movers and packers calculate the costs for home shifting. No you also understand some of major tasks that should include in moving time like survey before move, packing material conception and company rate policy etc. now you'll be able to decide better. Thanks for reading …!!! :)